This website is for the book of the same name, Narc, Narc: Who’s There?

The full title of the book is:
Narc, Narc: Who’s There? An Autopsy Of A Narcissistic Relationship:
The Story of My Betrayal, Narcissistic Discard and Parental Alienation. The draft cover is below. I’m sure between now and when the book is completed it will have a better cover design…

The draft cover…

It is an epic and daunting task, painfully retriggering, and reliving what was done to me – even two years later (and throughout the relationship) – is more difficult than I thought it would be.

I hope it will be cathartic for me – and in some way for my readers – but the real reason and motivation behind the book and story is for my children. Even with an existing custody agreement, I have been erased from their lives. I am writing this in the hope that one day they will discover through this website or the book itself the complete and true story. It is for them, in the hope that one day we might have the relationships their mother has stolen from them.

That they will see sociopathic nature of her lies, her planned discard and divorce, the smear campaign she had created and implemented almost from the beginning of our marriage (unbeknownst to me), the flying monkeys she recruited and enlisted over at least a two year period, the very intentional and malicious intent that she was working behind the scene, that I didn’t or wouldn’t let myself see.

I name names and provide Court documents and other collateral proof, step by step.

If you’ve been through narcissistic discard or have been erased from your children’s lives as the result of a sociopathic narcissist, this will likely be a difficult read.

Between now and when, I hope you will follow the process. Especially, I hope to build a solid base on Patreon to support the book’s publishing and my on-going legal battle to have contact and relationships with my children. There is no legal document or Court Order preventing this, and in fact the Custody Agreement makes access a requirement; it is included for reference in the book. The link above will take you to the page.

And also, if you have been abused by a narcissist, I pray you find your path to recovery and healing. It is a difficult road.

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